Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday night movies

Me and mom watched The Bourne Identity last night (twice already but she insisted cause she loved high action movies) and I went along with it. Altho I did miss the 2nd hour to watch The Fashion Show on Diva Universal channel. Not really liking it, kinda reminds me of Project Runway.

I know mummy misses daddy so much. Since my dad has transfered to work elsewhere they are always together when he comes on weekends. Reminds me of me and CLK. Not that we get too much time with each other but enough. XD

So yeah Bourne Identity was awesome. I like Matt Damon, altho not as much as Johnny Depp.

I mean come on, who wouldn't love that? *dreamy eyes* So yeah, if you ask me 5 years ago if I'd watch Bourne Identity I'd probably say "PASS". My bestie, Sonia had all 3 movies at my disposal but never watched it. And now I regret it. I have watch the first and second and am waiting to watch the third. Matt Damon, you tickle my curiosity

Matt Damon is pretty cute too...just not OMGEFFINHOT.

Then she fell asleep and I waited for the midnight movie, and they were showing College Road Trip (the one with Martin Lawrence and Raven). I remember this movie, wanted to watch it but didn't. It didn't look too interesting at first glance but now that I have watched it, it's not that interesting really. Just a typical dad-daughter college road trip movie. Was entertaining tho. :) So it wasn't that much of a bust. XD Would I watch it again, errr probably not.

Honest opinion, liked it. Typical Disney movie, but it is kinda blahh, and normal. I like Disney's animations better. :D I need more Disney movies!!

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