Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thought of the day

Actually it's more like a story. I was so touched that I actually wanted to cry. It is about this one old Chinese lady that I sometimes see when going to the bank or to the pet store. This old lady is pretty old and walks hunched, and I always see her around dusk.

So today I decided to go to the ATM on the way to my orchestra practice and while I parked I saw 2 cats playing about. After calling out to them, which they completely ignored I saw 2 other cats laying on the grass just minding their own business. They looked adorable, and cuddly and fat and as far as I know they look like strays. I so wanted to take them home. I went about my business and when I came out I saw the old lady, carrying plastic bags and walking ever so slowly. The cats that were just laying there started to meow and followed her. It  amazed me that they would actually follow her. For quite a while the old lady just walked past my car and across the road. Because she was slow it took her longer to cross the road and the cats was still following her and brushing themselves against her leg.

After getting into my car, I made it to the road where the lady crossed and saw that she had stopped and took out some food for the cats from one of the plastic bags. I had to stopped in the middle of the road and watched how the cats sat there patiently waiting for the old lady to give them food. Somehow it made me sad and made me think that they were actually waiting for her to walk pass because they know she had food for them.

It made me think of how smart and sweet and amazing cats are. Dear lady I hope the cats gave you happiness as much as you made them happy everyday.

Cats you never cease to amaze me :)


Ayu Muhamad said...

K.Idda...dis is by far da best entry ever!!! I felt so touch.. I want a cat rn!! I miss my cats!!Well,all 2 of them already in heaven rn!Bless them.. :)

a!k0 said...

Awww...dont feel sad. I know right?? I was touched too and actually cried, it was so sad and happy at the same time. I miss my cats too, they are sleeping :P. You should get a cat soon!!!