Sunday, October 3, 2010

October is Birthday Month!!

October is my birthday month!! And it is also CLK's birthday month!! YAY for us ^__^. This year I was hoping  to celebrate our birthdays together but it was not meant to be. :'( Me very sad but that's ok, surely one of these years... right?? XDD So anyway, I want balloons!

See those bright colored balloons?? Me want, me want (baby, take note!). And I want cake. ^__^. Definitely will get a cake when CLK comes over. I'd like to post-celebrate our birthday together. :)

Isn't that cake just so pretty? Like too pretty to eat... o.O I want a pretty cake! But these cupcakes are adorable too! =P~ *drools*

Why don't they sell it here? :((

And who does not like Garfield?? You must be crazy~~!! Cake boss is awesome!!! It's like my cake-heaven-addiction XD. Or this cake (^^,)v and man I'd like those!! >:D

I would love to try to attempt such cakes, and tap into my creativity that have been suppressed for sooo long. Or just try to attempt to bake a cake XDD hehe. I think this cake would be so cool, bring, funky and just wow!, and I don't think I'd let anyone touch it or eat it. :P

yummies!! via

So you see, I need to feel special cause I am getting old not getting younger, and I'm like turning 26 25 24 (again =__='' Nanny Fine, I feel you!). I feel like I am just getting started in life, LIFE don't leave me yet ok??

Baby, Happy Birthday Month to you too!! ♥♥♥

ps This is how the world sees October

H A L L O W E E N  baby!!!

And it means candies, and tons of candies, =___='' I wish I was in the US now~

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