Monday, October 25, 2010

The night just seem shorter

Footie update!! Ok ok, I am soooooooooooo happy!! ^__^ Can you tell?! Can you can you?!! Of course, because it's football update again! :D Tonight I watched 3 games (I am so rocking football weekend and surprise at myself) and I actually sat there watching Liverpool play Blackburn because I cannot watch the Arsenal game! Imagine how pissed I was?!?!?! Although that you internet, I did follow it live online and did kinda catch it on the telly now and then. Ugghhh.

So I watched the Manchester United and Stoke game, Liverpool and Blackburn game and Manchester City and Arsenal game. I am happy to inform you that Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal WON!! Woohoo, I am most excited for Arsenal. They won 3-0 and now number 2 under Chelsea. I wish Chelsea would drop more points :P. Liverpool game was a pretty good one to watch. They (finally!) won, 2-1. Fernando Torres scored the second goal. Yay Torres, I was waiting and hoping he would finally do his magic. :) Yay for Torres.

I didn't pay much attention to the Manchester game tho, I know they won and it was kind of blurry. I had a nice chat with my friend Kathy in Aussie. :) Gossiping while watching football is the best XD. So on to the Arsenal game, first goal was from Nasri. :) The second was Song and third the beloved Nicklas Bentdner. I have not seen that man on the pitch for so long!! Well done Bendtner! :D Way to boost your confidence. The weird thing was that Fabregas missed a penalty and it was ashamed that he did. But at least they won, yay! I say yay a lot I know. I am just excited even tho I did not watch the game. I am definitely going to look for a replay for that game.

via - Oh Nasri <3

I am wondering who is going to be Man of the Match on :) Guess we will find out.


Fabianski was Man of the Match :D Good job, now should Almunia be worried about first picked goalkeeper?

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