Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blog-surfing: Giveaway for a cause

I went blog surfing, as always and you know there are a lot of amazing, talented, and beautiful individuals out there. It makes me feel so giddy and happy like a kid in a candy store when I stumble upon a blog that's so fun and cute and pink :D I find that most of the blogs are pink-ish ^__^ which I guess is cool. Unlike mine, which is dark and gloomy :P but that's ok!

I want to say thank you to everyone who are following ^__^, you guys make my day brighter and I like stalking people >:D *insert evil laughter*. So Phoebe from Pink Fairy Bun is having a small giveaway, giving out a Bare Escentuals i.d Try.Believe.Love kit. :) in exchange for some radical fun, creative, super fun idea for a fundraising. :) She is supporting an organization and is going to Laos. It would be nice to throw in some ideas for her :D. The giveaway ends November 1st. Even if you're not interested in the giveaway (I am sure you are) why not just head on over to share some fun ideas... ^__^

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