Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog-surfing: Monthly Giveaway- October

The wonderful FunnyFace Beauty is hosting a monthly giveaway - for October! She is giving away four eyeshadows from a Canadian company - Joe Fresh. All the colors are divine, and perfect for fall :D. Am loving the bronze and the blue color (I am assuming Peacock). Check out the giveaway which ends 27th October.

Click the picture to go to the giveaway :)


Ayu~Emma said...

wah..I like dis one too..huhu~
but I like pink n silver :)
I think I'm gonna follow ur step by joining giveaway fun :D
btw, nk to make comment setting like urs?cz urs gt "Choose Identity and gt "follow up comment" subscribe? I tried to search but couldn't find it =.=

a!k0 said...

Oh really? I am not sure :P I will have to check my settings...

YAY giveaways!! I just join for fun who knows right? If theres luck..hehe but yeah sometimes I am lazy to post giveaways XDD

Ayu~Emma said...

ok =D tell me once u knw aye

yup,time2 xde keje la I cn do blog entry..hehe.. fun fun fun. thanks k.idda for introducing me to giveaways..hehe

a!k0 said...

:D youre welcome dear!