Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I said "HEYyyy" - Football Update

I was ready for Arsenal game last this morning, and literally fell asleep after the 2nd half started. =__='' Fail! This morning was the Champions League clash - Arsenal vs Shakhtar Donetsk. The commentator said this team was one of the team to look out in this group, but well... Arsenal did beat them. 5 to 1. I suppose they were not in their normal game stride. :)

One of the saddest moment in the game (sad? Really? XD) was that a former Gunner, Eduardo was playing for the team. Awww...I did like Eduardo and was surprised about him leaving Arsenal. I did blogged about that. He stated that if he did score against his former club he wasn't going to celebrate. He did score - the only goal - and true to his word he did not celebrate. But then again why would you if you were 4 goals down. =___='' But everyone was happy to see him play after the awful incident that side lined him for a whole season, broke his ankle (oh I saw it and it was horrifying! I will have to find a picture) and then he moved. :( Sad wish he would've stayed another season. And Aaron Ramsey is going through the same thing!! Broke his ankle after a bad tackle.. I wish you well Aaron!! Can't wait to see you play again!! Ok I found a picture and it is gonna be a lil horrifying (like A LOTTTT) and you can skip it if you are like me. I can't bear to look at it. Maybe I'll make it really small ok?

OhMyGosh, I watched that LIVE!! when it broke and they did not show a reply just a lot of players shaking their heads and holding in emotions, it was a sad day. But now he is better and playing and scored!! Great recovery. But yeah onto the game.

The game was a really good one, I have not enjoyed a good game in a long time. It tend to get bored or just less goals so yeah 5 is a good number. I told CLK that they might score 8 even! if all is according to plan. :P He said that the first goal was pretty quick but I told him it was not quick enough.

via - warm welcome from the crowd

The goal scorers were Alex Song (19m), Samir Nasri (42m), Cesc Fabregas (PEN-59m), Jack Wilshere (66m), and Marouane Chamakh  (69m). Arshavin came in the second half but did not score. Overall I was pretty pleased with the result (GO GUNNERS!!) and after the win at Birmingham, I hope they can do it all over again this Saturday, clash with Manchester City. Arsenal is always good in midweek and then come weekend they would totally suck (to me anyway, do you feel so Arsenal fans?). I really did wish they would score 8 - 0. :P

Alex Song celebrating - via

Arsenal  vs  Shakhtar Donetsk
5                            1

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